4 Types Of Custom Industrial Mezzanine Lift To Your Business

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4 Types Of Custom Industrial Mezzanine Lift To Your Business

8 November 2021
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A mezzanine lift often referred to as a vertical reciprocating conveyor (VRC), allows you to use up the vertical space inside your building or warehouse and transport goods safely. When considering the addition of a mezzanine lift to your space, you need to consider what style you want.

1. Box Lift

One of the most common types of mezzanine lifts is a box lift. It is a smaller and more economical lift that is made for moving lighter loads. It is designed for moving things such as tires, barrels, and smaller boxes. It is great if you have a simple operation where you need to move things.

A box lift uses an electric brake motor and a rigorous gearbox system to lift items up, using a push-button station, letting you know where the platform is and how the gate is positioned. A box lift is enclosed on all sides and often has a removable shelf to transport either big packages or multiple small packages.

2. Pallet Master Lift

Another option is a pallet master lift, that's capacity far exceeds that of a box lift. It is made to allow for the movement of pallets up and down inside of your building. If you need to move boxes and full pallets, this is the setup you need.

It also has a push-button operation system. The best pallet lifts also have soft start and stop options to keep your cargo safe as it is moved about.

3. Straddle Lift

If you need a little more flexibility, you may want to consider a straddle lift. It is a great mezzanine lift option as it can handle various loads. You can have it designed with different layouts and heights to fit your system. It doesn't have as many enclosures, although you can add them. It is designed for moving bigger items and more awkwardly sized items.

It uses a top-mounted drive system and a dual-rope lifting system that allows for the movement of larger and heavier loads at a consistent rate.

4. Four-Post Lift

If you need a lift that can carry really heavy things, such as a forklift, you will want to go with a four-post mezzanine lift. This type of lift is designed to move not just boxes and pallets but pieces of equipment. It can carry tens of thousands of pounds of weight easily.

A four-post system issues a top-mounted drive and a quad-rope lifting system to move that much weight. It also includes safety brakes to ensure that loads are moved safely.

Industrial mezzanine lifts come in a wide range of sizes and configurations. They can be used for moving boxes more efficiently or moving entire pieces of equipment. Knowing what you need to move and how much space you have to work with will help you find the right lift for your needs.