Things You Need To Know About Buying Brass For Reloaded Ammunition

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Things You Need To Know About Buying Brass For Reloaded Ammunition

24 September 2021
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Reloading ammunition for your firearms can be an excellent way to save some money and allow you to use a custom cartridge for your shooting situation. Often people that are looking for a way to improve the accuracy and flatten the trajectory of the bullets that are shooting will consider reloading, and getting good quality rifle reloading brass is critical.

Reusing Rifle Brass

Many reloading enthusiasts will save the brass casings from the ammunition they buy and use it to reload cartridges for their firearms. The brass cartridge should be checked to ensure the diameter of the body and the neck are still within factory specifications for the caliper that is being reloaded. If the casing is out of spec, it is not safe for reloading and should be discarded. 

Check for cracks in the casing neck where the bullet is inserted into the cartridge. Also, a thorough check of the primer pocket at the rear of the casing is required. If the pocket is enlarged, the primer will not stay in place, and you may end up with cartridges that will misfire when shooting them. Any casing that does not look right or measures out of spec should not be reused for any reason.

Buying Used Brass

Another option for reloaders is to purchase rifle reloading brass from a dealer or gun store. The casings should be clean and inspected when you buy them, but don't assume they are perfect. 

If you buy brass from any source, take the time to check it over and measure the casing before you decide to reload it. Often the used casings you purchase from a local shop are inspected by hand, so most flaws will have been found, but it is possible for someone to miss a small crack or deformity in the body of the brass casing. 

Buying Online

There are some places online to purchase rifle reloading brass. If the vendor recycles a lot of cartridges, they may use an automated system for inspecting the brass. That automation means the brass they are recycling is often higher quality, with fewer missed defects. 

Smaller businesses often collect brass from the local range and sort, clean, and inspect it before selling it in small lots. If you are considering buying from a small vendor, search for product reviews from people who buy from them, and start with a small purchase to see what the quality of the rifle reloading brass is like. 

Keep these tips in mind as you look for rifle reloading brass