How A Cloud ERP Can Boost Your Food And Beverage Business

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How A Cloud ERP Can Boost Your Food And Beverage Business

30 December 2020
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If you are the owner of a food and beverage company, you likely have to keep track of your current inventory, down to the ounce. You also likely deal with multiple vendors across your supply chain in order to get all of the ingredients or food and beverage products that you need before you can turn around and start selling products yourself. If your business is continuing to grow and you are beginning to feel overwhelmed with all of the data you are juggling daily, there may be a better way. Here's how food and beverage-focused cloud ERP can help take your business to the next level.

All of Your Financials in Real-Time

Profit margins can often be slim in the food and beverage industry. Every additional penny of expense may eat into those margins and make you start feeling the squeeze. With cloud ERP software, you can get a bird's eye view of all of your finances in real-time. If you need to make a decision about buying more inventory, you can see on the fly just what it will cost you and how that expense will affect your profit in the end.

Because a cloud ERP can be accessed from anywhere, this information will benefit your buyers while they are out in the field. You'll know if you are in a position to accept a vendor's offer, or if you need to push back with a counter.

Keep Your Entire Supply Chain Running Smoothly

Most food and beverage companies offer far more than just a few food or beverage items. You are also likely selling your products to multiple buyers across the restaurant or hospitality industries. Cloud ERP software can help you figure out exactly how much you need to order based on past performance, time of year, and industry best practices. Don't get stuck with too much inventory that you can't offload because it will cost your company money in the end.

Get Customer Data When You Need It

Cloud ERP software can also be used to collect and save valuable customer information. If a customer calls in with a complaint or concern, you can pull up their account, see their last order, and any other relevant information. Your customer service reps can use this data to make sure every customer is satisfied, keeping your company's reputation in good condition.

For more information about using ERP software, like Netsuite, for food and beverage companies, contact a local software provider.