Use Freeze-Dried Fruit In Homemade Desserts

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Use Freeze-Dried Fruit In Homemade Desserts

14 October 2020
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A cup of pudding or a store-bought pastry may be what you treat yourself to when you are at work, but during your downtime, you may be more inspired to get creative with your dessert options. Use freeze-dried fruit to add sweetness, texture, and a burst of nutrients to some homemade goodies.

A Longer Shelf Life

Freeze-dried fruit is essentially fruit that has been dehydrated by extracting the water from each piece. Products are rapidly frozen but do not lose their fiber content during the process. Freeze-dried fruit products have a longer shelf life than fresh fruit and will need to remain in an airtight container or package. Some manufacturers recommend placing products inside of a freezer compartment if they are not going to be used right away. To plump up fruit that is going to be served, water needs to be added to each piece.

Some Fruity Crepes Or Pancakes

Crepes or pancakes that contain a blueberry or strawberry topping will make an interesting dessert choice if whipped cream or chocolate sauce is added to them. A fruit glaze can be used, or you can incorporate fruit slices or chunks. Choose the fruit varieties that you prefer, and rehydrate the pieces by soaking them in a bowl of water for several minutes or by placing them inside of a pot and adding water to it prior to heating up the contents. After preparing the crepes or pancakes, use a mixture of fruit and other toppings to garnish the treats.

Textured And Flavorful Cupcakes

If you are looking for a way to add texture to cupcakes without using a lot of sugar or unhealthy spreads, use dried fruit pieces instead. Fruit pieces can be combined with a wholesome icing product that is prepared with all natural ingredients. Instead of rehydrating the fruit pieces, place them in a sealable bag.

Use a meat tenderizer mallet to strike the bag several times. The fruit pieces will crumble and turn into a fine powdery substance. Sprinkle the mixture across each frosted dessert that you want to add some extra texture and flavor to.

An Interesting Parfait

Use a few different yogurt varieties to create a parfait that is several layers. In between each layer, add some freeze-dried fruit. Match the fruit types with the yogurt varieties or add a completely different spin on the dessert by adding complementary fruit pieces that are different than the yogurt flavors. Chill the dessert prior to serving it.

To learn more, contact a freeze-dried fruit supplier.