2 Mistakes To Avoid When Using A Wood Pellet Smoker Grill

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2 Mistakes To Avoid When Using A Wood Pellet Smoker Grill

14 October 2020
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If you enjoy the flavor and texture of smoked meat, you may have decided to purchase a wood pellet smoker grill and are eager to throw in a slab of meat and get to cooking. However, before you begin, make sure that you do not make the following mistakes when using the smoker grill that could adversely affect your finished product.

1.  Wetting the Pellets Before You Use the Smoker

One mistake that you should avoid making when using a smoker grill is wetting the pellets before and during use. You may believe that moistening the pellets beforehand and keeping them wet will allow for more steam and in turn create a smokier flavor.

However, wetting the pellets when attempting to smoke meat can have a disastrous outcome. Within a few minutes of you wetting the pellets, they will start to swell, causing them to grow together in one lump of mush where they will deteriorate before your smoking time is finished. 

If the pellets become wet, this will result in a decrease in the smoky flavor. They could also interfere with the heating and cooking of the meat, which could affect the safety of the meat.

Instead, make sure that you start with dry pellets and keep them dry throughout the smoking process. Periodically, check to make sure that they are still dry. If not, replace them with fresh pellet chips.

2.  Cooking the Meat Before Smoking It

Another mistake that you should not make when hoping to have tender, flavorful smoked meat is cooking it even partially before putting it in the smoker. You may believe that it would be safer and/or speed up the process to cook the meat first.

However, even if you only cook it halfway, you may end up with a dry, tough piece of meat. The already-cooked portions will also make it difficult for the smoke to penetrate the fibers and give the meat the smoked flavor you desire.

If you are concerned about the meat cooking thoroughly, rest assured that leaving fresh meat to cook in the grill for the recommended time will yield a fully cooked, safe end product. The fresh meat will also stay moist and come out more flavorful while cooking under low heat in the smoky environment.

Making sure that you avoid the above mistakes while smoking your meat can help ensure its texture, taste, and quality. If you need more information or are having trouble with figuring out how to optimally use the smoker, contact a business that sells wood pellet smoker grills for personalized assistance.