4 Important Things To Know About Wearing & Taking Care Of Your Face Mask

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4 Important Things To Know About Wearing & Taking Care Of Your Face Mask

21 September 2020
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In order to protect your health, you need to make sure you are wearing a personal protection mask when you are around other people. This will protect you from viruses, such as COVID-19, and will help prevent you from spreading any viruses you carry to others.

#1: Wash Your Mask After Each Use

First, you should be washing your mask on a frequent basis. You should wash your facemask after each time you use it. So, if you wear your facemask while you go shopping, you should wash your facemask afterwards. Or if you wear your facemask for work, you should wash it after work.

If you wear your facemask for multiple outings, the fabric will hold the bacteria and germs that it encountered the last time you wore it. That can increase your chances of getting sick. Rewearing a mask without washing it can also increase the chance of you getting a breakout on your face due to wearing a dirty mask.

#2: Properly Store Your Facemask

After you take your facemask off, you shouldn't just throw it in your purse or put it in your pocket. The germs on fabric can transfer onto items in your purse or your pocket. Instead, bring a disposable bag that you can put your mask into after you take it off. That way, you can stop the spread of germs after you take your mask off and before you wash the mask.

#3: Wash With Soap

You can wash your mask with other similar-colored clothing and with regular fabric soap in your washing machine. It doesn't have to be washed on its own. You can air or machine dry it.

Or you can hand wash it. If you hand wash it, you are going to want to fill a container with hot water. Then, put the mask in the hot water, and scrub the mask with soap for about five minutes. Next, rinse the mask and allow it to dry out fully before you wear it.

#4: Get Multiple Masks

Finally, you should own multiple personal protection masks. You may go through more than one mask per day if you take the mask off. With more than one mask, you can easily wear a different mask each day for a couple of days before doing your laundry. Having multiple masks will make it easier to wear a clean mask each time you go out.

Remember if you wear a cloth protective mask, you should wash the mask by hand or in the washing machine after each usage. Be sure to wash your hands both before and after putting on and taking out your mask. Contact a company that sells washable personal protection masks to learn more.