Die Cutting Essential Maintenance

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Die Cutting Essential Maintenance

5 September 2019
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If you have a manufacturing plant that makes parts using rotary dies, then you want to make sure that your machinery runs well over a long period of time. And, this means that there are certain maintenance tasks that need to be performed on a regular basis. Keep reading to learn about a few of the more important things and how they can help with upkeep and maintenance. 

Add Lubrication

Lubrication is the key when it comes to reducing the friction, heat, and wear that can cause the die cutter to break down sooner than later. Lubrication must occur every day and this is something that the machine operator should do immediately upon getting the cutter up and running. The proper lubricant is called a die cutting oil or lubrication product. The lubricants often come in spray cans for easy application, but a more industrial-sized tub or drum can be purchased if you have several machines that need to be maintained. The best lubricants are petroleum based products that can be used on the die itself as well as the threading.

Keep in mind that while the die cutter is a sophisticated and tough piece of machinery, the die blade can easily be dinged or damaged. This occurs most often by allowing the blade to cut down on a piece of metal or by poor handling during the lubrication process. So, make sure that all operators are clear on how to properly handle and care for the die cutting blades. 

Keep An Eye On Pressure 

Die cutters use pressure to make their cuts, but too much pressure will result in damage and degradation of the die. This means that precision must be used to make sure the pressure is set accurately before the die is used. And, you want to keep an eye on pressure as the machine is operating over a period of time. This is necessary since the pressure can start to creep upward as the die cutter is in use.

So, make sure that you are watching the pressure on the indicator to ensure that it remains close to the set pressure rate. If the pressure starts to increase, then make sure that the die cutting blade is as sharp as it should be. Dull blades will increase the lowest possible pressure setting for the machine and will lead to premature wear and tear. 

If you want to know more about packaging equipment rotary die cutters and the things that you should be doing to ensure good use and care, speak with a business that specializes in these machines and their use.