A Few Mail Shipping Tube Factors You Should Consider

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A Few Mail Shipping Tube Factors You Should Consider

11 October 2018
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When you need to send documents or any type of paper products through the mail, you need to ensure they arrive at their destination in good condition. This means no wrinkles, folds, or tears. One of the safest methods of doing this is with mailing shipping tubes. However, it is important that you buy the right tube for the best protection of what you are mailing. Here are a few different factors to consider when shopping for the tube you need.


Shipping tubes are available in different sizes. Many people see one size—the one that fits most wall posters—and think they must use that one. However, if you are sending something smaller than a wall poster, you can use a smaller tube to reduce the space it takes during transportation. This will reduce the chance of the package being crushed because it is so long. In addition, you can buy tubes that have a larger diameter for items that are longer and will need to be rolled more. This prevents you from having to roll it too tightly and risk a curl that will be harder to get out.


Most mailing tubes are made of paper cardboard. However, you may want to go with a plastic tube. Of course, when going with cardboard you can choose one that has more layers, is corrugated, or coated in wax to keep out any moisture. Do not assume that a tube is stronger just because it is plastic since plastic can still be broken. This is especially true when the shipping takes the tube through very cold areas. A broken plastic tube can do more damage than a crushed cardboard one.


Some mailing tubes are closed by simply folding the ends and stapling or taping them closed. However, you may choose to use caps to contain the contents. The caps can be made of metal or plastic. The important thing is to make sure that the caps fit the tubes tightly without damaging them. You may want to use a shipping tape to help ensure the caps do not come out.

If you need a mailing shipping tube, you may find you can find exactly what you need online if you cannot find it in a local store. In fact, you may find that there are many more options available online. Don't settle for a tube just because it is the only one you can find at a store.