4 Beneficial Uses Of Errand Services

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4 Beneficial Uses Of Errand Services

24 October 2017
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When you think of errand services, you may only think about private couriers used by small businesses to deliver flowers or small packages. Errand running services often provide the public with an opportunity to earn extra cash while helping people with their everyday needs.

Helping Seniors Stay On Budget

Many seniors no longer drive or may become creatures of habit, especially when it comes to their prescriptions. Based on their insurance coverage, they may pay little or nothing out-of-pocket when refilling prescriptions at well-known pharmacies. The problem occurs when it's more convenient to use the same pharmacy to purchase other items, even when the prices are much higher than other retailers. For example, generic over-the-counter medications may be a fraction of the cost at "big box" stores compared to purchasing the same medication when prescribed by a doctor or buying it off the shelf at a pharmacy. If you or a loved one find yourself spending more money on common items, it may be worth the money to hire an errand service. You may still save money by paying a reasonable fee to the errand service when compared to the price difference between stores for simple items.

Living A Healthier Lifestyle

You may have the goal of living a healthier lifestyle by eating fewer processed foods, more vegetables, and cooking more at home. In reality, if you work a full-time job, have young children, or work odd hours, it can be difficult to go to the grocery store regularly. When you want to eat healthier, you may need to visit the grocery store more often than once per week to have fresh fruits and vegetables and to take advantage of sales or buy meat when managers clearance items as they near the expiration date. You might consider utilizing errand services at least weekly to help with your grocery shopping. Another advantage of using these services is that you do not have to be tempted by the treats available in most stores or deal with the frustration associated with trying to shop with misbehaving children. If you have limited transportation, an errand service might be your opportunity to buy items from farmers markets or grocery stores specializing in healthier options.

Taking Advantage Of Scarce Opportunities

You may have the misfortune of living in an area that is never first in line for quick shipping, local retailers delivering groceries to your door, or subscription services for fresh produce or chef-inspired meals. Sometimes, people living less than an hour away might have opportunities that are not available to you. If you have an errand service available that will allow deliveries at their headquarters or another person's address, this might be the perfect opportunity to try different services. You can simply place orders and have them delivered to an errand service, which will make the final delivery. For example, Amazon offers one-hour delivery to certain areas. If you need an item by the end of the day, it will still be faster to have the item dropped off at an errand service. It would likely be delivered after a few additional hours, which is still faster than overnight or two-day shipping.

Keeping Packages Safe

As the holidays approach, there are usually an increased number of packages stolen off doorsteps. Although the major package carriers have ways customers can be notified if they have a package on the way, it is not always possible to be home when it arrives, and you may need to take a chance on it being left at your door. Many errand services act as an alternate delivery address. You might choose to have your packages rerouted to the errand service, or you might find it is easier to invest in a P.O. Box or space at a UPS store, which gives you a physical address, since many items cannot be delivered to a P.O. Box. If you do not have an immediate need for the items, you can allow them to accumulate and ask an errand service to pick them up and deliver them at a time you will be home.

Errand services are a win-win situation for the contractors and customers. Using an errand service even once per month can make a significant difference in saving money or making your life less stressful.