Three Strategies for Creating a Great Reception Area for Your Business

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Three Strategies for Creating a Great Reception Area for Your Business

6 July 2017
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Because the reception area of your business is the face of your company, it's important that it presents a polished, professional appearance to the public. You don't have to hire an interior design firm to get positive results when redoing your company's reception area -- simply use following three guidelines to create a welcoming space to greet others to your business. 

Start With the Desk 

As the focal point of your reception space, the desk is particularly important. Choosing the wrong desk can create negative impressions among customers and other business contacts, so take particular care when selecting this piece of furniture. Bear in mind that reception desks are a major investment in office furniture that most businesses don't want to replace too often, so take time to choose the one that best suits your individual needs and preferences. 

A cumbersome, old fashioned desk may signify that your company is behind the times. Because the majority of today's office work is performed and stored in the cloud, large desks with plenty of storage capacity are no longer necessary, and their presence in your reception area can make your business look dated. Your reception desk should be sleek and streamlined to reflect how technology is changing the way modern businesses function. It should also be equipped with USB ports and a docking station. For a stylish look, consider a U-shaped look The desk should also have ergonomic capabilities to ensure the optimal comfort of the receptionist. Choose a desk that is easy raised or lowered depending on the personal preferences of the user so that it's easier for that person to present a poised, polished appearance to the public. 

Add Some Natural Elements 

One of this year's biggest reception area design trends is the incorporation of natural elements into the decor. For instance, you could choose a reception desk made from repurposed wood for a stunning statement with a rustic edge. Other ways to include natural accents in your reception area are the addition of water features such as fountains and waterfalls, outdoor office extensions, and living walls containing thriving plants. You could also choose naturescapes as artwork for your reception area and have the walls painted in muted shades of green and blue instead of having traditional bright white walls. Even if you've got a small reception area in rented space where you don't have the option of painting the walls whatever color you'd like, you can still use wall hangings and other decorative items to give your reception area a natural ambiance. 

And remember -- even though it's a hot trend right now, natural elements never go out of style, so your decor will be on-point for years to come. 

Reflect Your Company Culture 

A reception area should never be generic or otherwise devoid of personality. Your company culture should be crystal clear to those who walk into your reception area for the first time. If you're a young, energetic company surging with millennial energy, let it show in your reception room with a streamlined, state-of-the-art reception desk and edgy decor. If you're in a more traditional field such as finance or law, use traditional accents to provide a sense of stability. If you're an eclectic, artsy company, it's okay to use promotional items such as posters sparingly, but remember that the object here is to create a feeling that accurately reflects your company's culture rather than an overt statement of your products and services. 

Please feel free to contact your local office furniture retailer for more tips and trick on how to create the best possible reception area for your business. For more information, contact a business such as D & R Office Works Inc.