Three Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing A New Bathtub

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Three Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing A New Bathtub

29 June 2017
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Replacing the old tub in your house is sometimes all it takes to give your bathroom an impressive face lift. Scratched, stained tubs, cheap plastic surrounds, or a dated appearance can all be quickly fixed with a replacement. When choosing your next bathtub, be careful to avoid the following mistakes.

#1: Not thinking ahead

Before settling on a tub design, stop and think about your plans for the home and for your future. If you plan to stay in the house long-term, then it's very important to plan ahead. For those planning to spend their golden years in the home, consider the accessibility of the tub as you age. Should you consider a walk-in tub, or perhaps skip the tub entirely for a walk-in shower? For younger couples planning to start a family in the house, consider how simple it will be to bathe children in the tub. A tub with high walls can be difficult to reach into from outside, while one that is sunken slightly can be much more accessible for a parent bathing a child.

#2: Getting too trendy

It's natural to want a stylish bathtub, but think of some of the mistakes of the past so you don't repeat them. One of the most common mistakes is to get a permanent fixture, like a tub, in a color just because it is currently the hot hue of the season. Just look at all the pale pink and baby blue fixtures left over from the 50s, or the dated harvest gold and avocado green bathtubs from the 70s. Instead, opt for a timeless choice. In most cases, plain white is your best option because it goes well with any color scheme. If you just can't cope with white, still keep it neutral. A cream color is the second best option. Save the trendy colors for easy-to-update items, like shower curtains, rugs, and painted walls.

#3: Ignoring useful extras

Although you want to avoid short-lived trends, don't overlook functional extras. A tub with a built-in seat can be lovely, especially if you have children to bathe or as you get older and need a more functional way to bathe. Built-in safety bars, external steps, and soap alcoves are also functional design elements to consider. You can find a tub design with extras to fit nearly any need or desire, so keep an eye out for anything you may find useful.

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