Keeping Kids Safe When Visiting A Storage Unit

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Keeping Kids Safe When Visiting A Storage Unit

26 June 2017
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If you will be storing personal items in a storage unit, and you know you will need to make visits to the storage facility every now and then to grab a couple of your items with your young children in tow, it is likely you will be worried about their safety in the process. Picking the right unit and setting it up with your children in mind is important. Here are some tips you can use to aid in keeping youngsters from getting injured when storage unit trips are necessary.

Make Sure The Unit Has Parking Right By The Doorway

It is a good idea to rent a unit from a storage facility with parking right in front of the door you will be using to get inside your unit. This will be helpful should you have a child fall asleep in their car seat or if you need to grab an item and go. The vehicle can be positioned so you can keep a door open and so you can watch your child as you move about your unit. A parking area close to your unit will also be helpful in keeping children away from traffic as you go back and forth to your unit.

Set Up An Activity Area For Children To Keep Busy

Providing an area for your children to wait for you to conduct your search for personal items will aid in keeping them from exploring the piles of stored belongings. Consider placing a small table and chairs in your unit in a corner away from dangerous shelving units or sharp edges. Keep toys on this table to be used during your visit. Your children will be excited to use these items as they are not in circulation on a daily basis.

Use Color-Coding To Help Children Know Where To Go

If you have areas within your storage unit that you would rather your children stay away from, try using color-coded index cards to alert them of spots that are potentially dangerous. Green for "Go" and red for "Stop" can help children in deciding whether to touch an item or refrain from getting closer to it. Alternately, tape can be placed on the ground to use as a guideline for safe spots to walk. Use green tape for children to follow and place red tape around dangerous items. This tape barrier system will allow you to walk through your storage unit knowing your children are informed of safer spots to stand within the allotted space.

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