3 Types Of Information To Have Ready Before Calling Support When Your Desktop Keeps Crashing

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3 Types Of Information To Have Ready Before Calling Support When Your Desktop Keeps Crashing

25 June 2017
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If your desktop computer keeps crashing every time you try to use it, you may decide it is time to call a desktop support business. Before you make the call, however, gather the following three pieces of information so the support technician can have a clearer picture of the problem.

Information About Your Computer

The first type of information you should have is everything you know about your computer. Write down the memory capacity and hard drive specifications you can find. You will also need to let the support technician know what operating system your desktop uses, either Windows or Apple, as well as the version.

Along with specifications about the computer, also have ready a list of any peripherals that are connected. These could include your screen, speakers, printer, webcam, or scanner.

Description of What Happened Before It Crashed

Once you have a list that gives an overall view of your computer, describe what happened before it crashed. Make note of any programs with which you were working.

Describe any strange behavior the desktop may have been exhibiting. Was the screen flickering on and off? Or, maybe your computer started slowing way down, making it difficult to work.

Also, write down if you were using or installing any of your computer's peripheral add-ons. For example, if you were trying to install a new sound card, this could lead the technician to the problem. There could be a compatibility issue. Or, you may have inserted the card incorrectly.

What You Tried to Fix It

Once you have a clear picture of computer's odd behavior before it crashed, make note of anything you may have done to try to fix the issue. Did you try to shut the computer down and was unable to do so? Or, did you try hitting "CTRL+ALT+DEL" to bring up the task manager, only to be unable to turn it off this way?

Write down anything else you may have tried, including uninstalling a program or add-on software. Letting the technician know everything you have tried by yourself can give them an idea of where to start when making suggestions on what can be done to fix the problem.

Having the above information on hand before you make the call can help the technician help you faster. During the call to desktop support, they can then guide you on what additional information or actions are needed to help resolve the issue with your crashing computer. 

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