4 Tips When Renting A Storage Unit

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4 Tips When Renting A Storage Unit

24 June 2017
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Sometimes, there just isn't enough space for all your items, especially if you are in the process of moving or live in a small house or apartment. Storage units are affordable ways to keep your items without having to pack your home. Check out these four tips when you rent a storage unit.

Determine if You Need Temperature Control

With some items (and depending on your region's weather), you may not care if your storage unit is temperature controlled or not because the items won't get damaged when exposed to heat or cold. However, other items, such as electronics, photos, etc. can get damaged if the environment in which they are stored becomes too hot or cold. Make sure to check your items to see if you need temperature control to protect your belongings.

Assess the Security Measures

When you're items are in a storage unit, you have little control over them. This doesn't just mean locks and gates. You want your items to stay secure. Some of the best qualities of secure storage facilities are ample lighting, on-site manager, door alarms, security cameras, etc. The entry code to unlock the gate to access the units should not be a one-size-fits-all code. If that is the case, anyone who just happens to know the universal code could enter.

Organize Items Accordingly

If you're renting a storage unit for items you may need to access frequently, make sure you organize your items well. The larger the unit, the more money, and organizing items in small units (even big units if you have a lot of items) can be difficult. Your best choice is to keep similar items together, such as all Christmas decorations. Also, keep the items you'll need to access more often closer. Items that you may not need for years can be held in the back or harder to reach places.

Consider a Portable Option

The problem with renting a storage unit is finding a way to haul everything there, carrier it up an elevator and then try to organize the unit in a cramped hallway. An alternative is to try portable storage units. These units are delivered to your home. You can have them delivered to your home, fill them and then have them transported back to the facility. The downside to these options is that you have to have the storage unit delivered to access it. You can't go to the facility to get your stuff.

As long as you choose the right storage facility, you can rely that your stuff will be protected. For more information about storage facilities, going here may be helpful.