4 Essential Components To Training Your Empoyees On Fire Prevention And Safety

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4 Essential Components To Training Your Empoyees On Fire Prevention And Safety

23 June 2017
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Anytime you have a business that is staffed by people you have to be aware of the danger that the possibility of fire presents. Training your staff to locate and properly use a fire extinguisher if a fire breaks out is one of the better methods your company can implement in order to prevent widespread damage. You also need to ensure that your workers are trained on how to evacuate quickly, safely and without panic when signs of a major fire become apparent. Stick to these four basic training tips to help prepare your company employees on how to react and protect themselves during a fire at your place of business.

1. Stopping Small Fires From Spreading - It makes little difference whether you are running a restaurant or a dry cleaning company as fires can break out in literally any type of business. Computer equipment can overheat, potentially leading to an electrical fire just as easily as a grease fire can erupt in a commercial kitchen. Your staff should know that the key to preventing major fires from erupting lies in fast response times. Install a fire extinguisher in every room (click to read more about fire extinguisher services), have a sprinkler system put in and explain to your workers what they should do to stop fires from spreading and getting out of hand.

2. Calling For Emergency Services - Not all fires can be put out with a fire extinguisher, in which case your staff should be trained to call for assistance immediately. Firefighters can often get on the scene of a fire and have it put out in minutes, but need to be made aware of the location as well as the type of fire they will be putting out in order to be effective. You may want to have your business telephone system programmed so that emergency services can be dialed with the push of a single button in order to report fire emergencies even quicker.

3. Alerting All Co-Workers - You should also cover crisis management during the course of educating your staff about fire safety and prevention. If it becomes determined that a fire extinguisher won't work to put a fire out, make it apparent that getting everyone out to a safe place is the next step. Since fires spread fast, it is vital that your workers are trained to alert everyone located at your business in case of an emergency.

4. Evacuating Swiftly And Calmly - Not only do you need emergency exits in order to operate a safe business, you have to think about how important they will be in case of an actual emergency. While showing your staff where each fire extinguisher is located you should also point out the emergency exits at your company. Always keep emergency exits unlocked from the inside so that evacuation measures can be taken if there is an uncontrollable fire.