Clothing Modifications That Will Support Your Pregnant Body

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Clothing Modifications That Will Support Your Pregnant Body

18 February 2022
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The changes that your body will undergo while pregnant may limit the amount of clothing that you can wear from your current wardrobe. Clothing alterations will allow you to modify some of your favorite pants and shirts. Additionally, you can use an alteration service to make custom changes to the new clothing that you purchase. 

A Belly Band and Additional Fabric

A belly band is a stretchy piece of fabric that is wide enough to cover your stomach as it extends outward. This type of support will provide comfort and confidence while you are moving your body. Your favorite pairs of jeans and slacks will eventually become too tight for you to zip or button. A tailor can accommodate your expanding waistline.

A tailor will remove the zipper or button from each pair of pants that you would like altered. Afterward, they will sew a fabric belly band into each pair of pants. The side of each band will attach to the fabric that a pair of pants is constructed of. If you have some shirts that you currently enjoy wearing, but the shirts possess a tapered design, a tailor can modify the garments.

A tailor will consult with you about the expansion size that you are seeking for each garment. They may add a stretchy or loose-fitting fabric panel to the front of each shirt. This will allow the garments to hang in a natural manner, over your stomach and waist. Double-stitching can be used to secure each fabric piece that is being added to a shirt.

New Clothing Alterations

If you will be purchasing some larger-sized clothing during your pregnancy, you may encounter instances that involve needing to have hemlines taken in or sleeves shortened. This will be more likely to happen if you decide to purchase non-maternity clothing that is a size larger than what you normally wear.

During an alteration appointment, you may be guided to try on the clothing. A tailor will take your measurements. They will determine which parts of each garment will need to be modified. After your consultation, the changes will be made to each garment.

After the alterations have been made, you should try on the clothing to make sure that the garments fit properly and are comfortable. Sitting down, walking, and moving your arms and legs in various positions will help you determine if the alterations are ones that you are satisfied with.

Speak with a tailor if you are interested in clothing alterations