3 Reasons Why Long-Term Care Facilities Should Use A Medical Staffing Agency To Fill Vacant Positions Quickly

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3 Reasons Why Long-Term Care Facilities Should Use A Medical Staffing Agency To Fill Vacant Positions Quickly

13 July 2020
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For long-term care facilities, maintaining a full staff is important for patient safety. Unfortunately, the hiring process for new staff members can often be lengthy — you'll need to post your job opening, wait for resumes to come in, and then review them until you finally find a candidate that's qualified.

Thankfully, long-term care facilities always have the option of using a medical staffing agency to fill vacant roles. You're quickly matched to candidates who fulfill the requirements of your vacancies. Below, you'll find three reasons why this speed is a major benefit for long-term care facilities.

1. Improves Resident Safety

The most important reason to quickly fill vacant positions is to protect the health and well-being of your facility's residents. Medical staff, including RNs, LPNs, and CNAs, are vital for monitoring residents for signs of decline.

Bed-bound residents need to be turned frequently in order to prevent them from developing pressure ulcers. They also need to be monitored for signs of infection. In the elderly, infections can quickly become life-threatening. They need to be treated as soon as possible, so early detection is important.

In addition, having a fully staffed facility is important to prevent residents from falling. Residents who are a fall risk need to be watched closely and given support when they try to get out of bed. Falls can be catastrophic for the elderly, especially in older women with osteoporosis. With members of your healthcare team missing, your residents have a greater chance of falling and becoming injured as a result.

2. Reduces The Risk Of Staff Fatigue

When your current staff has to take care of extra residents due to the fact that your facility isn't at full staffing levels, they're at an increased risk of burnout. This is especially true when your staffing level is so critically low that it creates an unsafe situation for your residents — not only are the staff's workloads increased, but they may feel like they're not able to provide safe care to the residents in your facility.

You may face problems with employee retention, which can make your low staffing levels worse. Solving the problem quickly by hiring more employees through a medical staffing agency will ease the workload on your current staff and reduce the chances that they'll burn out.

3. Enhances Resident Quality-Of-Life

Finally, some residents at long-term care facilities receive most of their social interaction with the staff. This is especially true for bed-bound residents, who may not be able to easily participate in community activities. When staff members are required to care for more residents, they'll have less time to spend with each one. With more staff, you'll be able to improve your residents' quality of life by providing them with increased staff interaction.

If your long-term care facility is understaffed, contact a medical staffing agency in your area to fill the missing positions. The process is quick and easy; the medical staffing agency can match you with qualified candidates, allowing you to rapidly begin the interviewing process and restore your staffing levels.