Entrance Door Troubleshooting Guide

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Entrance Door Troubleshooting Guide

14 May 2019
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The longer days and warmer temperatures that signal spring can be a welcome relief after a long winter, but unfortunately this is the season when little problems that began during the cold months begin to rear their ugly heads. One area these issues tend to occur at is your doorways, particularly the exterior entrance doors of your home. The following guide can help you determine if there is a problem that needs to be repaired.

Issue: The door is stuck

Whether it's just sticking slightly or it takes a lot of muscle to force it open, a sticking door can be a major problem. The most common cause is that the door or the door frame is swelling in response to climate conditions. This problem mainly occurs with wood doors or wood door frames when moisture makes its way into the wood and causes it to swell. You can solve this issue by ensuring the door cannot absorb moisture. This may require sanding off old paint on the door or frame, then repainting the entire thing so no moisture can penetrate the wood.

Issue: Alignment is off

The most obvious sign that this is a problem is when the door latch no longer lines up properly with the striker plate. You may have to struggle to lift the door slightly when locking it just to get the latch to slide in. If this has always been a problem, the issue could be as simple as moving the striker plate so it lines up properly. Another common cause is that the hinges are beginning to fail, so the door is sagging and no longer lining up properly.

Issue: Gaps and drafts

This issue can sometimes be an easy fix, and sometimes it is an extension of the alignment problem above. Most often it is caused when the threshold sweep or the weatherstripping around the door needs replacement. Occasionally, the issue is more severe and is caused by the house settling. If you have gaps, particularly if the door seems to be hanging unevenly, combined with a door that sticks or is difficult to close, then your home may have settled and thrown the door frame out of alignment. In this case, a repair technician will have to repair the frame so the door can be brought into alignment again and the gaps can be closed.

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