Did Your Start Up Company Suddenly Take Off? 3 Strategies For Helping Your Staff Handle An Overflowing Workload

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Did Your Start Up Company Suddenly Take Off? 3 Strategies For Helping Your Staff Handle An Overflowing Workload

5 December 2017
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Every business has a certain ebb and flow to the workload that depends upon multiple factors depending upon the industry. Yet, it is common for the workload to rapidly increase once your start up company suddenly gains momentum. Whether your business gained attention from a recent viral news story or its finally hit its seasonal peak, you never expected to see the stress level hit such an extreme in the office. Now that your company is up and running, use these strategies to manage an ever-increasing workload before your staff gets overwhelmed.

Prioritize Tasks

During the initial start up phases of your company, certain standards made sense. For instance, setting a deadline for returning emails meant that your staff played a role in establishing a reputation for your company's commitment to resolving customer problems. Now, those deadlines might need to be relaxed so that your employees can focus on more direct tasks such as developing solutions for those problems. Take a look at the current standards to determine if changes need to be made so that your employees can direct their focus where it is needed most.

Redistribute Responsibilities

A growing workload is often a great time to allow new skills from each of your team members to shine. As your higher-level employees take on new duties, consider redistributing some of their current responsibilities to other staff members. Keep in mind that this sometimes means creating a new position or adjusting an employee's salary to account for their extra responsibilities, but this is a great way to allow new talents to emerge in the workplace while decreasing stress on the staff.

Hire Temporary Employees

When you are uncertain if a business peak will last, you still have options. For instance, you can hire temporary employees to manage many of the tasks on your staff's to-do list. Working with a temp allows your employees to delegate tasks so that everything gets done according to schedule, and many temporary employees have backgrounds that include specialized education and training that fits into a variety of career fields so that they can quickly begin working within your company culture.

It's exciting to watch your business take off, but the last thing you need right now is to run off your dedicated staff with an overwhelming workload. By taking action right away to lower the stress levels in the office, everyone can enjoy the prospect of watching your start up succeed.

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