3 Reasons Small Businesses Should Jump On The G-Suite Bandwagon

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3 Reasons Small Businesses Should Jump On The G-Suite Bandwagon

25 November 2017
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G Suite is a comprehensive package of online features that can be useful to small and large businesses, such as email management and access to collaboration tools. Small businesses should take notice of the affordable options G Suite provides and how they can utilize these tools to enhance their business.

Increase Your Professional Image

With numerous services available in G Suite you can elevate your business to appear more professional. One problem that may occur with small businesses is your website and any business correspondence, such as documents, can often have the appearance of inexperience even if you have been in business for years. This can occur because you may not have the budget for professional website features and software, which leaves you doing the best you can with what is readily available and affordable. For example, you may use a free email service for your business email, which is not ideal. Part of G Suite includes having an email address with your unique extension, but it is on the Gmail platform you might already use.

Partake In App Development

Businesses with access to G Suite also have the opportunity to use Google's app maker. As a small business, you may be one of the last businesses to jump on the mobile bandwagon and create an app. Unless you know various programming languages and different platforms, it may take years to learn enough on your own to build a basic app. The app maker is designed to be user-friendly because it has drag-and-drop features so you can create an app quickly. Having an easy and accessible method of creating apps can help you launch small pieces of software that might be useful for making your business function smoother or attracting new customers. If you want to understand more about the app maker, you can easily invest in training courses that can help you use the program to its full potential or learn more in-depth information, such as the necessary coding to build an app from scratch.

Be More Productive

Many small businesses could find areas where they can be more productive or might seek additional opportunities if they had access to the right tools. Just the access to productivity software and online collaboration, including video conferencing, might open doors to expand your business or change your current operations. You may have thought about ways you can reduce expenses, such as working from home and having some of your employees work remotely. The tools in G-Suite can make this possible. As long as you and your employees have access to the internet, a microphone, and a webcam, you can interact via video conferencing, collaborate on files, and crunch numbers all in real-time.

Investing in a g-suite app maker training service to create your own applications is a worthwhile investment in your small business.