Considering A Temp Agency? What To Expect When You Arrive

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Considering A Temp Agency? What To Expect When You Arrive

11 July 2017
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If you have been struggling to find a job, it may be time to consider heading to a local staffing agency for temp or temp-to-hire work. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, as these are real jobs, despite what many may believe. However, when compared with the hiring process of a "regular" job, there are a few differences. For example, there will be an interview conducted and there are some tests that you will need to undergo. The better you perform on these tests, the more likely you will be placed in a position of employment by the agency. So here is what you can expect if you decide to go with a temp agency:

Potential Tests to Expect at a Staffing Agency

  • Typing Test—Since the majority of jobs these days require the use of computers, many staffing agencies will want you to take a typing test. The words per minute (WPM) rate will vary from agency to agency, but they will likely want you to type somewhere around 40–50 WPM, since the average WPM speed is roughly 41.
  • 10-Key Test—There may also be a 10-key test. This is particularly true if your interest lies with accounting and data entry positions, since the number pad is far more important than the letters. This type of test will assess the speed and accuracy of the numerical data you enter by using just your index finger, middle finger, and ring finger.
  • Customer Service—You may be provided a multiple-choice questionnaire that will require you to answer a series of questions about various customer interactions to the best of your ability. In many cases, these questions will outline a specific situation and you will simply choose the best way to respond if you were in that situation.

A Few Tips for Your Interview

When you go to your interview, it is important that you are prepared. You want to ensure that you have everything that you need, including your driver's license, social security card, a list of professional and personal references, detailed availability, etc. You want to be ready to answer any questions that are thrown your way, including those like "Tell me a time when…" and "What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?"

Also, make sure to dress to impress. Women shouldn't overdo their makeup or perfume, and they should wear an appropriate length of dress or skirt or just opt for dark slacks with a simple top. Men should wear a button-up shirt with a pair of conservative dress pants and dress shoes. (The tie is optional.) Men should go easy on the cologne as well.

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