Using Ordinary Shipping Materials For Your Business Needs? 4 Ways Custom Shipping Can Take It To The Next Level

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Using Ordinary Shipping Materials For Your Business Needs? 4 Ways Custom Shipping Can Take It To The Next Level

27 June 2017
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If you own a small business, you need to come up with creative ways to get your name out there. One way to do that is to think outside of the box; the shipping box, that is. If your not using your shipping products to get your name out there, you're missing out on a key advertising component. While ordinary shipping products will get your merchandise out to your customers, it won't necessarily leave them with a lasting impression about your company. That's where custom shipping products come in to play. Here are just four of custom shipping products you can use to turn your shipments into advertisements for your business.

Go Beyond Ordinary Packing Tape

Whether you're shipping boxes, or individual mailer envelopes, you need packing tape to create the protective seal. Don't just use ordinary packing tape. Instead, order custom packing tape to seal your shipments. Custom packing tape will allow you to proudly display your business name and logo to everyone who see's it; including the postal workers.

Let Your Boxes Tell the Story

When it comes to your shipping boxes, you want them to protect your merchandise during shipment. However, you don't want to stop there. You also want your boxes to say something about your business. That's why you need custom boxes. They'll give you usable advertising space inside, and out.


When designing your custom boxes, use the exterior to display your business name and logo. You can also include colors that will capture attention, and serve as a visible reminder of the products you sell.


Don't forget about the inside of your shipping boxes. Use that space to provide valuable information for your customers, such as return procedures, or information about other services you provide.

Add Reusable Shipping Bags

If you sell items that can be used as gifts, don't just pack them inside the box. Instead, first place them in a custom, reusable shipping bag. Your customers will appreciate the extra step you took to make your gift products more distinct. They'll also appreciate the inclusion of a gift bag that they can use.

Top it Off with Eco-Friendly Peanuts

Packing peanuts keep shipments safe. However, ordinary packing peanuts can be difficult to get rid of, since they aren't biodegradable. The fact that they're non-biodegradable, can be a bone of contention for customers that are concerned about the environment. Put your eco-friendly business face forward by using biodegradable packing peanuts. Your customers won't be left with packing peanuts that they can't get rid of. Instead, they'll just need to soak them in water until they dissolve.

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