3 Tips For Managing A Rental Property That Has A Well

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3 Tips For Managing A Rental Property That Has A Well

24 June 2017
 Categories: Business, Blog

If your rental property has a well, you could be wondering if it will cause any additional challenges for your rental business. It's true that you do have a few more things to think about when renting out a rental property that has a water well, but following these tips can help make managing your rental a little easier.

1. Consider Installing a Water Filtration System

As you might already know, with a home that has a water well, you sometimes have to worry about things like cloudiness or hard water that you might not have to worry about with a home with municipal water. If you would like to ensure that your tenants have good-quality water, installing a water filtration system that will filter the well water that comes into the rental home can be a good step to take. Along with providing your tenants with better-quality water, the water filtration system can also help filter out minerals and contaminants that could cause wear and tear on the plumbing pipes, plumbing fixtures and appliances inside the rental property. This can help you keep tenants happy and prevent expensive repairs to your rental property, therefore saving you money.

2. Have it Inspected and Tested Yearly

There are a couple of things that you should have checked every year or so when you are managing a rental property with a well. First of all, you'll want to hire someone who is experienced in maintaining and repairing wells to take a look at the well pump itself to look for problems. Then, you will want to have the water quality tested to make sure that it's safe for your tenants to drink. This will help you ensure that your tenants are safe and will also help you catch and take care of any well pump problems before they become more serious.

3. Ask Your Tenant to Keep You Informed

In a home with a water well, it's a good idea to ask your tenant to keep you informed about anything that might happen with the water and the well. For example, ask your tenant to keep you informed if the water changes colors, has a strange smell or is otherwise different from usual. Also, ask to be informed if the water pressure slows down or if there seems to be any other problem with the well. By finding out about these problems quickly, you can take the proper steps to remedy the situation.

Even though it's true that managing a rental property that has a water well can be a bit tricky, following these three steps can help. From maintaining well pumps to purifying the water, there are options available.