Organizations That Can Benefit From Distributing Photo ID Cards

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Organizations That Can Benefit From Distributing Photo ID Cards

30 October 2017
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A driver's license and a health card are two common examples of photo ID cards, but there are many other applications for this simple and important piece of identification. Many different organizations can benefit from distributing photo ID cards that people can either display on their person or keep in their wallet or purse to display when needed. Here are some organizations that can benefit from ensuring that everyone has his or her own photo ID card.


It's important for colleges to give out photo ID cards to their students, faculty, and even the employees who work on campus in a variety of capacities. Students can use their photo ID for a number of applications, including when they sign in for exams, when they need to access a dormitory or other college building after hours, or even when they want to get a student discount at the college bookstore or other similar locations. Campus employees will often wear their photo ID cards hanging on their uniform so that campus security can identify them and know that they're permitted to be on campus.

Security Companies

Security companies play an instrumental role in keeping people safe in a variety of applications. It's useful for these people to have their own photo ID cards and display them on their uniforms. Doing so allows members of the public to trust the security personnel; for example, someone could buy a security uniform online and masquerade as a security officer, but the presence of the photo ID card — which will be hard to duplicate — clearly demonstrates the authenticity of the person in uniform. People who interact with security officers will also appreciate the person's name and image being readily available, as it will help to identify the officer if they wish to contact a security manager with a complaint or with kudos.

Museum Employees

A museum is one example of a location in which employees commonly interact with members of the public. When a museum employee wears a photo ID card affixed to his or her shirt, it identifies him or her as an employee. This way, members of the public will know that they can ask this person a question about an exhibit, or even something as simple as instructions on how to get to the nearest bathroom. Without photo ID cards, members of the public may not realize that an employee is in their midst.

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